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The Basics:
Use the CALL command to call a dragon. Once it arrives, type MOUNT DRAGON
to mount it. Then type FLY (destination) to fly to where you want to go.


mount dragon
fly enara

Continue reading for more detailed information on flying.

Flying is one of the easiest ways to get around the land of Medievia. For
the most part, the only flying mounts are DRAGONS There are other mounts--
rocs, falcons, coatyls, and winged horses--for HEROBATTLE champions and gods.

To fly, you must first MOUNT a beast that can fly. To take off, type FLY
or FLY (destination). If you don't specify a destination, your dragon will
circle until you do type FLY (destination). As you circle or fly, people
on the ground who have the "DRAGON CHANNEL" turned on or who type SURVEY will
see you flying overhead.

To fly in a certain direction, type FLY (direction), like "fly south" or
"fly e". To fly a certain number of screens in a direction, you can specify
"fly s 19". Each unit in these directions is 10 moves (10 rooms on the ground).
You can queue these directions; for example, "fly s 19 e 2" will take you
nineteen screens south and two screens east.

To fly in a more specific direction:
FLY dir <direction> <distance>
where  <direction> is a number from 0 to 359. 0 is north, and so on.
<distance> is how far to fly, in dragon steps. Set the size of a step
with FLY SPEED #.

Angles:            0 = north
                  45 = northeast
                  90 = east
                 135 = southeast
                 180 = south
                 225 = southwest
                 270 = west

Example: fly dir 135 10
To stop flying in a direction and start circling in place, type FLY by itself.

Once you are flying in a direction, you move automagically. The beast
keeps heading in that direction until you change direction or LAND

As you fly or circle your mount's MOVEMENT points (mv) are used up. If it
gets very low, it will attempt to land by itself. MOVEMENT points are not
replenished when flying; you must land your mount and allow it to rest or
cast REFRESH or "MASS REFRESH" on it.

IMPORTANT: You may also have the mount take you right to a specific zone.
Zone names are listed with the LISTZONE command. To fly to a particular
zone, type: FLY <keyword>. The keyword is a main word within the zone
name. For example, to fly to the Island of Xanthal, you would type: FLY
Xanthal. If you used the word 'island' it may take you to one of the other
zone names that have the word Island in it. In this case, it would take
you to Courrain Island.

SHIPS If you are from the ships clan or have been approved to board the
ship, you can fly there. If the ship is nearby and docked you can SHIP
GOTO, otherwise you must fly. To fly to a ship: fly ship shipname.
Example: fly ship high seas
Once the ship is close, your mount will descend, drop you off, and fly

UNDER OCEAN FLY DROP If you want a dragon to drop you off so you can
splash down into the under ocean you must give the command FLY DROP

Some zones the dragon will refuse to take you to. When the dragon reaches
the desired spot close to the requested zone it will land.

If you are flying to a particular zone and Medievia resets, the dragon
will automatically take you to the point of your destination instead of
needing to call another dragon after logging back on.

If you are a DRAGONHUNTER or if you have a CHARM "DONATION ITEM" dragons
will fly faster and work harder for you. If you need to slow down for some
reason, you can type FLY SLOW. If you need to speed back up to the speed
you would normally fly at, type FLY FAST. These are helpful when you are
looking for particular zones that you are unable to fly directly to or
when trying to find dragon lairs.

You can control the speed of your flight with more accuracy by typing FLY
SPEED <#> where the number is 1 through 10. 1 is the slowest, flying one
room at a time, and 10 is the fastest, the normal dragon speed. This
controls how many rooms a dragon "jumps" with each flight, NOT how fast it
actually goes. This is separate from FLY FAST and FLY SLOW.

To fly to your FREIGHT type one of the following:
     fly freight current  - flies to your current freight
     fly freight hitched1 - flies to your first hitched freight
     fly freight hitched2 - flies to your second hitched freight

These can be abbreviated to fly freight c, fly freight 1, and fly freight 2.

Type WMAP while flying to see a weather map with your location as a red X.