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Learning to trade can be difficult and easy at the same time. To actually
take any goods from one post to the other is easy, but there is much more
to trading than just transporting any item from one post to another. This
file has two sections, Basic Trade Hints is geared to the players newer
to trading and deals more with starting a trade. More Advanced Trade
Hints has more indepth hints and deals more with the run of the trade.

Basic Trade Hints:

1.  When starting a trade, it is a good idea to create or become part of a
    formation, especially when you are new to trading. But be mindful, the
    more in form and the stronger the form is, the stronger mob factions
    tend to be. Many of the mobs, especially farther away from Medievia
    City, are harder than those in the center of the land. Use that
    knowlege when deciding to form.

2.  Use 'say where <destination>' at the navigators to get an idea of
    which way you need to travel.

3.  Check the MUDSlinger for catastrophes. They can be more profitable,
    but be careful. The more profitable runs attract more traders, and
    therefore more mob factions.

4.  Value items at the trade post you WANT to go to. This means getting to
    that trade post, buying a freight and using the value command. 'value
    <item>' and it will give you the price per item. Remember, different
    amounts of items fit in each type of freight. Weight plays a big part.
    The heavier the item, the less that will fit. Then go to the post that
    has that item for sale, and bring it to the post you valued it at.

    A list of many of the items can be found under the trading section of
    the MUDSlinger. Be mindful that not ALL of the items are in there, but
    many are.

5.  Not all types of freight can be used to get to every post. Some posts
    only allow access to one or 2 different types of freight.

6.  If you die, you will not necessarily lose your wagon. If you die from
    a dragon or a mob that is not part of a mob faction, pray and use the
    'freight' command to find your freight again. If you die from a mob
    faction, they may or may not steal your freight. After you pray, use
    the 'freight' command. If it is not showing that you have freight near
    where you left it, or any freight at all, the mob factions did steal
    it. This is all just part of chancing the journey. :)

More Advanced Trade Hints:

A.  If you are doing a trade run and you come across players fighting mob
    factions, it is not illegal to help in killing the mob factions
    BECAUSE they also hold up your freight. If this happens, it is a good
    idea to help keep the people getting hit healed or those mobs may turn
    on you if that player flees or dies. If able to, attacking these mobs
    will not hurt you and will help kill them so you can be on your way

    This is the one instance, next to dragon lairs, that it is NOT
    considered illegal to join a fight someone else started.

B.  Abandoning hitched1 abandons the first freight that was hitched. If
    you can not remember which freight you hitched first and are not near
    one of them, but you want to keep one of those, find one of the
    freights. If that freight turns out to be the one you want to abandon,
    take hold of it and abandon with 'current'. If you want to abandon the
    freight you are NOT with, take hold of the freight you are in the room
    with and abandon hitched1.