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For information on the PROMPT command, see Help PROMPT

The first part of this help file explains the flags you see on your own
prompt. If you want information on the flags you see on other players'
names, see the bottom of this help file.

Please see Help FLAGS for information on the FLAGS command.

Unless you have customized your prompt with the PROMPT command, you will
have the standard prompt, which looks like this:

                <22hp 100m 90mv 100br>

This first number [22hp] represents the number of hitpoints that you have.
When you get hit by a MOB you will lose a certain number of hit points
depending on how hard that mob hits you. When the hitpoint value reaches
0, you will die. It is not uncommon for you to end up with a negative
hitpoint that will knock you into unconsciousness. There is a chance that
you will survive if you do. There are four ways to regain hit points:
sleep, rest, quaff potions, or find a kind cleric who will heal you.

The second number [100m] represents the number of MANA points that you
have. MANA is the magical energy of Medievia that is used to cast spells.
Only the spell casters, clerics and mages, can cast spells. These spells
use up a certain amount of mana energy, causing these points to go down.
To regenerate these points, you can sleep or rest.

The third number [90mv] represents 'movement points'. When this number
reaches [0] you will become exhausted and no longer be able to move
around. There are two ways to regain movement points. The first is to
sleep, and the second is use magical spells.

The last number [100br] represents your breath. This reflects the amount
of oxygen your body has to work with. If it becomes to low, you will have
to stop to catch your breath. Usually moving about at a moderate pace
prevents you from losing your breath. Breath can be regenerated simply by
waiting a few seconds without moving.

NOTE If you are mounted, your prompt changes to reflect your mount's
      movement and your mount's breath:

           e.g. <362hp 242m 500MountMV 100MountBR>

Your prompt can have different flags shown as well. These flags are
documented as follows:

MAIL     - (red) You have mail waiting for you at the post office.

<MedLink>  - (white) You are in MedLink. You type LINK to get in and out
             of the area.

ANNOUNCEMENT - (yellow) There is a new ANNOUNCEMENT to be read. Type
                 ANNOUNCEMENT to read the current announcement. If this
                 flag is next to your prompt and there are multiple
                 ANNOUNCEMENTs you've missed, you will need to read all of
                 them before you may leave MEDLINK

NEWS     - (yellow) There is new NEWS to be read. Type NEWS to read the
             current news.

CHANGES  - (yellow) There are new CHANGES to be read. Type CHANGES to
             read the current changes. This flag might also list
             ADVCHANGES (changes to ADVERSARY and ACHANGES (avatar
             changes, for avatars only).

<[70%]Kim> - When you are fighting in a FORMATION you will see a prompt
             similar to this. This shows you which member of the formation
             has the lowest hit points and a percent of their total they
             currently have. The color varies by how hurt the person is.

AFK      - (cyan) You have your AFK turned on.

Flags you will see on other players' names include:

HERO     - The player has completed 124 total levels.

CHAMPION   - (Combined with HERO or AVATAR
             The player is a champion at HEROBATTLES

DH       - This hero is a DRAGON HUNTER.

LEGEND   - The player is a member of a long BLOODLINE having great
             great grandchildren or more generations below him or her.

AVATAR   - Avatars are heroes who volunteer their time to help new

AFK      - The player is AFK

BLOOD    - The player recently attacked another player.