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    SETITEM none  - does not indicate equipment condition.
    SETITEM color - indicate equipment condition with color.
    SETITEM text  - indicate equipment condition with text.
    SETITEM both  - indicate equipment condition with text and color.

This command allows you to control whether or not you get some indication
of equipment condition when you see it in your inventory, in your locker,
or in some other player's inventory.

For reference, this is how the text labels and colors correspond to the
message that you see when you identify the item:

Green     pristine    This object appears to be in perfect pristine condition.
Green     excellent   This object appears to be in excellent condition.
Green     good        This object appears to be in good condition.
Green     fair        This object appears to be in fair condition.
Yellow    scratched   This object is in fair condition but has some scratches.
Yellow    worn        This object clearly shows major signs of wear and tear.
Red       worn down   This object is visibly worn down with major wear.
Red       ending      The life of this object is clearly coming to an end soon.
Red       any day     The object looks as if it will fall apart any day now.
Dark Red  crumbling   The object is visibly crumbling and decaying...
Cyan      no det      The object has been blessed by the gods and seems