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The hitroll stat increases your chance of hitting a target in
hand-to-hand combat or when fighting with a melee or ranged weapon.
Hitroll has a 1:1, negative relationship with your target's ARMOR
CLASS meaning that each point of your hitroll cancels out one point of
your victim's armor class, and vice versa. Note that armor class is
still capped at -100 and 100.

For example: Ozy has 90 hr, Bob has -80 ac.  The game computes the
difference, and Ozy winds up with a +10 modifier when determining if
his melee attack hits Bob or not.

Some classes are more proficient than others, and therefore need less
hitroll to hit their target with melee or ranged attacks. Generally,
the order of classes which need the least amount of hitroll to the most
are: Warrior, Thief, Cleric, Mage. One specific exception is backstab,
where the Thief class receives an automatic hitroll bonus.

Hitroll can also increase the chance for multiple melee or backstab
attacks in a single round. Every 10 points of hitroll increases the chance
of a second melee, third melee, and second backstab attack. Every 20
points of hitroll increases the chance of a third backstab attack. Note
that hitroll cannot grant a higher number of attacks than the character's
current class allows.