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Rae bats are not actually bats at all. We all know that RAE magic is land
magic and FAE magic is ocean magic in Medievia. Rae magic is basically the
same thing as your mana. In the catacombs and some other underground areas
rae magic is taking on a whole new more powerful form!

In the CATACOMBS rae magic often becomes alive and self aware! It all
started one day when the rae bats appeared. Marious says many more rae
constructs will come as Medievians upset the symmetry between fae and rae
magic, now that they are collecting fae magic and bringing it to land.

Catacomb rae bats are not bats, they are pure rae magic taking the form of
a bat. Why does it take the shape of a bat? We do not know. Perhaps
because bats are common cave and catacomb type animals? Marious hopes to
someday be able to construct a more complicated being from rae magic,
perhaps a human, so that he can ask it questions about the death of the
spirit of Medievia that happened long ago deep down in the CATACOMBS
HELP STORY for more info).

Rae bats are very aggressive and will attack quickly but they are not
terribly dangerous. Why are they so important?

As it turns out you can form an emotional attachment to the pure rae
energy and become much more powerful if you get enough! It is said that
you can attain TWENTY FOUR HOURS of sanctuary, shield, and armor - plus a
medal! This is not easy to do though.

The catacombs are 6 levels deep. When you kill a rae bat the rae magic
will split into two and sink one level below. If you go down a level and
find the rae magic that you created, a new rae bat will appear. If you
kill that two more pools of rae magic will sink to some random room below
again. If you repeat this process all the way down to the bottom, and do
it well, at the bottom level you may find the 24 rae bats you need. If you
kill 24 rae bats on the bottom level you will become very powerful indeed

Note that on the first level of the catacombs rae bats appear out of
nowhere but on the levels below you must either kill someone else's rae
bat that appeared, or walk into a room with the rae magic that you formed
from above which sunk below and that will create a new rae bat. The rae
energy remembers who caused it to come into existence! Every bat you kill
creates two pools of rae magic one level below, when you find them they
form into a new rae bat! On the bottom level when you kill a rae bat you
are not creating new pools of rae magic below as there is no where for it
to go, instead the rae magic enters your body as shown on SCORE Get to 24
and you get an 24 hours of power!

Marious will keep us updated as more news rolls in about RAE magic. It is
said that Marious is close to figuring out how to combine rae and fae
magic! Vryce has been heard saying that this is how we may yet save the
world when all is lost, when our world is attacked by afar!