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The STORY command is used to read and search the ongoing story of
Medievia. When the story continues you get a STORY prompt.

You may read the story on the WWW or in the game via the STORY command.

Or go to which we all know you have bookmarked,
and hit Library, then Story.

STORY INDEX   for a chapter by chapter summary including player names.
STORY # #     to read a chapter and section of the ongoing story.

Before you read these chapters in the game you must first read the
prologue at:

This starter story takes us from Medievia I thru Medievia IV. Consider it
a prologue for this story module in the game. When a new chapter comes out
the previous chapter will also be available on the www from the address
above. The prologue is around a 25 minute read.

What is the story?

The story is a the fictional telling of the ongoing history of Medievia,
where each new entry in each chapter has to do with real changes in the
game, and each forever etch player names into the history of Medievia.

Players who make it into the story are awarded a special medal:

-=[A timeless page from the story of Medievia for being written into it]=-

Players that login at least once during a chapters telling will receive a
medal, one unique medal for each chapter they were around for. The first
medal is:

-=[One of the last specks of the original frae, for Chapter 1]=-

The story will give you a much greater sense of immersion into the game if
you know it and keep up with it. The more firmly grounded you feel into
the story and the game, the more fun you will have. When your grandson
asks you if you were around for Chapter X, 'Jakob's Arrival', you will
only feel like you were if you read the story before, during, and after
that chapter.

Vryce writes the story, every word, and he makes every decision as to
which players get written into the story and why. He does not want anyone
to e-mail him story ideas, or even discuss it with anyone.

We understand the story behind a game is not for everyone. Please
understand that this is no ordinary game, and this will be no ordinary

"The story of Medievia will change our world. I promise you that."