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SCORE gives a detailed report on your character's statistics.

Shortcut: SC

Score   with no arguments will show a lot of misc stats on your player
Score L will show you what you need to do to reach the next level
Score A will show you information about the spells affecting your character
Score S will show you all of your score except spell effects.
Score Z will show you information about zones that you've experienced in.
        - See the Help files: ZONELIMITS and SC_Z for more information.
Score O will show misc lifetime stats.

This command shows you many things (some are listed below):
statistics: current/max (i.e. current-hp/maxhp current-mana/maxmana)
Current Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, Stamina
Current Damroll and Hitroll
How many mobs this character has killed.
How many players this character has killed.
How many hours this player has been online.
How many practices and quest points this character has.
Summon: who is able to summon you. (See: Help SETSUMMON
Form: who is able to form with you. (See: Help SETFORM
Phase: who is able to phase to you. (See: Help SETPHASE
Rescue: who is able to rescue you. (See: Help SETRESCUE
If abbreviation is on or off. (See: Help ABBREV
If you have any freight it will show the distance and direction it is in.

Score L example:
If you use color, the first XXX in red shows how much your character has
already received. The dark blue XXX's shows how much the character has yet
to go.
|---------- red -------------||---------- blue ------------|

If this was your graph, this would mean you are half way (50%) through the
level. The more red seen in the graph, the closer you are to level. If
that particular MLR is completed, all the XX will be green.

If you do not use color, instead of 2 colors of XX, you would see ### and ===
instead. (For the example above: ### would be red, and === would be blue.)