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The Catacombs are a subterranean network of caverns and tunnels occupied
by thousands of the most deadly creatures Medievia has ever seen. The
governing bodies of the City of Medievia are prepared to offer great
treasures to those brave adventurers who will protect the citizens and
destroy this threat. Scattered throughout the two thousand rooms that make
up the Catacombs are large eggs of unknown origin. By collecting these eggs,
you prove to the government that you are indeed contributing to an honorable

Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances in the combs, you may end up
with smashed eggs. If this occurs, the command DROPSMASHED may be used to
drop all of the smashed eggs in your inventory AND in all of your containers.


Once you have gathered the eggs and have successfully returned to
Medievia, you can hand them in to Vryce's advisor. The Wizard is stationed
on the second level of Castle Medievia, in a room off of the Hall of Statues.
The Wizard can provide with the most recent information concerning the
war within the Catacombs.

Look at the sign in the Wizard's room for the most up to date list of

'fill'    - deposits the eggs from your inventory to the wizard
'fillall' - deposits all eggs in your inventory including in containers
'ask'     - obtains your current total of eggs deposited
'list'    - tells you what you are able to use eggs for
'where'   - gives you the current location of the entrance to the Catacombs
'offer'   - to obtain a reward, you must offer a certain amount of eggs
'transfer # <player>' - to transfer eggs to another player for a price

You must be at least level 20 to transfer eggs.

When offering eggs for the reward of extending the lifetime of an object,
use: offer <amount> <item>  (ex: offer 200 bloodstone)

You can UNEGG an item, which takes away one egging (or, rarely, two eggings)
from an item. You may need to search long and hard for the correct shop to
use it at. The fewer times it has been egged, the more chance the piece of
equipment will be destroyed. This means, if it's green, it has a higher
chance of being destroyed than if it's black.

MANA gain in the catacombs will be double for current class MAGE and THIEF
players, as it is in all natural underground areas.