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FAE Magic is basically ocean magic where RAE Magic is land magic, also
known as MANA The SCORE command shows your personal fae magic. SHOWCLAN F
shows clans sorted by FAE

NOTE If you are not at sea and not in fog your personal fae magic will
slowly dissipate, at around 1000 per minute, assuming you are not FAEBORN
- note FAEBORN is not implemented yet! YOU MUST BE CARRYING FAE ORBS When
you receive fae it goes to your personal body and any fae orb that you are
carrying with you in the room will automagically suck in the fae and store
it safely.

HELP FAEORB for more information on this key object.

Fae is counted towards clanrank when the fae is automatically transfered
from your body to a fae orb, or from your body to the clanhall orb. This
is the only time it is counted, same with fae towngames.

When you are at your clan orb room any personal fae on you will
automagically be deposited into the clan orb. You use the EMPTY command on
fae orbs to deposit fae from there into the clan.

When fae is deposited it all goes into the clan's massive fae storage orb
located in the clan's townhall room. This collected fae is used by players
for countless things. Personal fae orbs are filled from the clan's fae
storage orb, all of which is logged.

When does fae count towards clanrank and towngames? When you gain fae it
goes to your body, as shown in score. If you are on the ocean or in fog it
will remain there if you are not faeborn(not implemented yet). When you
leave the ocean or fog the fae on your body will automagically transfer to
any fae orb in your inventory that has available room. That is when it
counts to clan rank and towngames. If you did not have enough fae orb
room, the fae on your body quickly dissipates unless you can get to your
clanhall. If you have personal fae on you and you are in your clanhall,
the fae will automagically go to it. That is also when it counts towards
clanrank and towngames. The FAEORB fae you gain counts twice as much
towards the fae race towngame.