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Usage       : cast sanctuary <target>
Accumulative: No
Duration    : 2-6 ticks, depending on caster's level
Level       : Level 13 cleric
Mana Usage  : 75

This spell will surround the target in a shimmering, white aura. It will
protect you from attacks, physical and magical, reducing the damage taken
by half. However, it does not appear to have any effect against a dragon's

The duration of the spell will last from 2-6 ticks and is based on your
level. Casting this on other players will only get half the duration. So,
if you are able to cast 4 ticks of sanctuary on yourself, someone you sanc
will get 2. The minimum ticks that a cleric can cast a sanc on another
person is 2. This means that a cleric can sanc another person for 2 or 3