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Sometimes, primarily during HOLIDAY celebrations and "DOUBLE EXPERIENCE"
days, stuff will fall from the sky. It's usually accompanied by an ECHO
These items, also called "godgifts," because they are gifts from the gods,
are flagged PRESENT What the PRESENT flag means is that you can only have
one at a time. The game will not allow you to pick up more than one of
each item.

It is illegal to subvert the system to get more than one present. This
includes, but is not limited to:

 - exploiting a bug or oversight to let you pick up more than one
 - picking one up, doing a gohome or gohall, dropping it, and repeating

When the gods find out that players are hoarding presents, the players are
punished for spam, and the room where the hoard exists is purged, removing
all those presents from the game. Obviously this will not make you any
friends. Don't do it.

If you find a bug that allows you to collect more than one present, you
should report it via PRAY as with any other bug, and if you find out that
another player is exploiting a bug, you should report them as well.
Exploiting bugs is illegal, and ruins everyone else's fun, especially when
an item or feature is removed or limited to punish the wrongdoers when
they're found out.