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Whenever you inflict damage on a monster, you earn experience points. You
will also receive experience points when you kill a mob.

Experience cap - This is the highest amount of XP you can earn by killing
                 any one mob. Your cap will increase as you become higher
                 level and when you are in a formation.

You lose XP when you flee from combat and when you are player killed in a
chaotic area.

As you gain experience in a zone, the amount of experience that you get
for killing mobs in that zone will begin to drop. When it gets too low, it's
time to move to another zone. After you've been gone for a while, the
experience in the old zone will gradually go back up again.

To see what percentage of experience you're getting for zones that you've
been experiencing in recently, type SCORE Z. If a zone isn't displayed on
SCORE Z, you get the full 130% of experience. (See Help ZONELIMITS for
more information on the calculation of this.)

Also note that to prevent some problems when you've only killed a few
mobs anywhere, you won't start losing experience until you've killed
a couple hundred mobs.

Lastly, this reduction doesn't take effect until you attain level 10.

On most games you can learn just one zone and gain experience until you
reach your desired level. Here at Medievia we require you to actually
gain true experience by experiencing new places and new adventure!