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By typing GAMEINFO you can see the current XP multiplier on the last

When double XP days are coming up, we will announce it here and in the
message you see when you log on. These days are in recognition of the
players' continued support of the game, and are a thank-you from the staff.
Enjoy! Remember to vote for Medievia to show your support, every day if
you can!

Please do not pray to ask when the next day will be!

A double experience day is when the experience in the game is set to twice
what you normally would receive. You can view the Experience Multiplier
and see what the current experience is worth by using the command
GAMEINFO Many times it is set at 1.00, which means that what experience
you get from a mob is what the mob's experience is worth, provided it is
not above your "EXPERIENCE CAP" For certain occasions, gods will set this
experience to 2.00, meaning it is doubled. When it is doubled, your XPCAP
is also doubled.

   a janitor is worth 100xp when the multiplier is at 1.00
   your XPCAP is 100xp per kill
   the gods declare that today will be a double experience day
   the multiplier is at 2.00, the janitor will be worth 200xp
   your XPCAP will then be 200 xp per kill.

Please Note: Double experience starts approximately at 00:00:00 of the
date specified above. This is game time, which you can see by typing
TIME and looking at the line that begins with "The current system time is".
It ends at approximately 23:59:59 on the same day. Double experience days
sometimes start earlier and end later, but this is the sole discretion of
Vryce and shouldn't be asked for on pray.