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Bonded equipment is special equipment that can only be used by the person
it is given to by a mob, or the person who loots it. It cannot be
auctioned, it cannot be mailed and it cannot be dropped. Various pieces of
bonded equipment can be sold in shops for needed gold if no longer
wanted. They can also be donated, at which point they will be removed from
the game. Bonded equipment will show BONDS in identify and also who it is
Bonded to. Only that person may use it, ever. If you take bonded equipment
into CPK and someone loots it, it is gone from the game forever. Keep this
in mind.

Note for bonded AQ mobs:
Mobs with the BONDED symbol before their names are mobs connected to
a player that is currently running an AutoQuest and will be needing that
mob or equipment/items it may have.