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See also help "RAE BAT"

The purpose of fae bats is to kill them, collect fae magic, and deposit
that into your clan.

Fae bats come out only during fog. HELP FOG explains fog, which happens
twice a day at sunup and sundown and lasts around 20-25 minutes.

There are two types of fae bats:
1) as you walk you may find a weaker fae bat that appears.
2) if you kill that weaker bat the fae magic rolls off into a nearby room.
If you enter that room a stronger fae bat will appear which will hold more
fae. Kill that bat and more fae magic is left nearby to make another
bat if you walk into the room...

Twice a day, the player with the most fae will receive a medal and also
DAY LONG SANC The top 20% of the other players will also receive a
seperate and not so special medal.

The fae magic you collect is shown on your SCORE The fae magic will
dissipate very quickly if you are not on a ship or in the fog. You must
get to your townhall! Stay there a minute and the fae magic will
automatically transfer over.