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Fog starts anywhere near the ocean when the sun goes down or is about to
come up. It generally takes 25 minutes as it gets more and more dense and
then 25 minutes as it decreases and goes away. Fog increases the
experience you gain, the more dense the fog the more experience you

LOOK AROUND will show if the fog is increasing or decreasing.

Fog increases experience up to 2 times depending on it's density, as shown
in GAMEINFO command. This is in addition to people casting the double
experience secret ship spell. Note that this increased fog experience does
indeed increase your experience cap as set by your level.

GAMEINFO command also shows exactly what the fog density is as well as how
much it is affecting your experience.

Fog appears as a dithered fog pattern on your map when walking, flying,
on a ship, casting wizard eye, etc.

When on a ship, fog can come with special creatures that may attack your
ship. Fighting serpents can be hard in dense fog as it is harder to judge
their distance when trying to shoot them during a ramming run. When the
serpent is on its run, it will announce its distance less and less as the
fog density gets worse.

SHIP MAP will have a wait state when there is any fog around.