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There are three kinds of weapons in Medievia: normal hand-to-hand, a type
flagged LONG and ranged weapons.

Normal hand-to-hand weapons are swords, maces, axes and most other common
weapons. They work well from the front row of a formation, but if you are
anywhere else in the formation, your chance of attacking will be reduced.
This reduction is based on the amount of other people in your formation
and their position in relation to you.

The variety that possess the flag LONG are pole arms, long spears, morning
stars and the like. These weapons attack equally well from the second row
of a formation as the first row. They also have a higher chance of hitting
from the third row, whereas normal weapons have a very little chance of
hitting. WEAPONS with the LONG flag also grant additional modifiers to
PARRY and DISARM You can tell if a weapon is LONG by identifying it.

The third type of weapon, ranged, are bows, slings, crossbows, blowguns
and other long ranged weapons. They are identified as FIRE WEAPON These
weapons can only be used when you are in the back row and someone in your
formation is directly in front of you, in the first row; this is called
the "ranged position". (Note that if you are in the ranged position, and
are not wielding a ranged weapon with projectiles, you have 0% chance of
attacking your enemies.)

Certain weapons have the ATTACK flag when you identify them. It is up to
you to learn from experience what this means in combat.