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You can call a good dragon for hire when circumstances require it. These
dragons can be hired to assist you in flying around the land or to defend
you from evil dragons.

To call a dragon, you must be level 7 or higher.

Calling a dragon will cost you a certain amount of money, no matter if you
are going to ride it or have it fight an evil dragon for you. That amount
will be your current level squared, times your total level. (level x
level x total level)

To find out exactly how much it costs for you, type "call ?"

Typing "call ?" will also show you the current status of your called dragon:
whether it is fighting for you, waiting for your orders, or under you (you're
sitting on it).

After the dragon arrives, if you are using it for flying around the land,
MOUNT the dragon and use the command FLY to tell it where you wish to go.

If you call a dragon to defend you because you are being hunted, it will
automatically pounce on and start attacking the evil dragon. The dragons will
be fighting on land. Use the SURVEY command to find the fighting dragons.