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This application is in regards to the Programmer (coding) position on
Medievia. We do not hire Programmers from mortal applicants, so to
become a coder you must first prove your activity, productivity,
efficiency, responsibility, and trustworthiness in another god
position. We recommend examining the applications for becoming a
World Builder, AQW AQ Writer), Quest Designer, NPH (New Player
Helper), NPR (New Player Recruiter) or the jobs listed in HELP ROLES
to see if you can find anything that suits you. Note that the jobs
we most often hire for are World Builder and AQW

Once you have successfully completed work in another god position on
Medievia for at least 3 months, you may apply to Ozymandias and Vryce
for a coder. To do this you will need to inform them of what skills you
have and languages you know well. Medievia is coded in C++.