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This help file is intended to answer commonly asked questions about
applying for a god or builder.

 1. Why do I have to be 18 years old or older?

    Medievia's policy not to hire staff members (gods) under the age of 18
    is due to several things. The first is that we have legal contracts for
    work completed for the game that we do not wish to impose on people
    under the age of 18. Next, we find that frequently parents do not wish
    for their children to be spending the amount of time on Medievia that
    is required to be a staff member. We discarded the policy of contacting
    parents for permission because it is too difficult for us to determine
    if we are really speaking to a player's parents (unfortunately some
    people get a friend to lie for them). Thirdly, all too often we witness
    young players who sacrifice their schoolwork to spend time online, and
    we do not wish to contribute to that by giving players time consuming
    workloads. We are appreciative of all our players regardless of age,
    and apologize for any disappointment incurred by this policy.

 2. Why can't I lead a clan and have a level 33+ god?

    Actually, you can! This policy has been lifted as long as you get
    permission from your manager and Vryce to do both. A few positions
    are still considered too demanding for the god in it to also be a
    clanleader, but most entry level positions are fine.

 3. Why is it taking so long to find out if I got hired?

    Medievia is run mostly by volunteers and its managers have to balance
    the time they spend with existing staff members over new ones very
    carefully. We hire new people when there is a long enough lull in
    the existing staff member's work that we have time to train and
    establish new people. In the case of builders, we store all the
    applications in a folder and wait until we have time to review all of
    them at once. We then take the highest scoring applications from
    that batch and discuss them with the other level 140+ gods before
    hiring and training them. God applications are done in a similar
    method depending on the jobs we need filled. There is no set time that
    we will be hiring additional people. Sometimes it takes a week, other
    times it may take several months. You are welcome to apply again if
    you have new information you wish to include in your application that
    you feel will improve your chances to be hired.

 4. Will I be informed if my application was not accepted?

    Yes! For positions that we are not hiring for right away, you will
    first get a receipt from the god handling the applications to let
    you know that your application was received. Later, when the god
    is able to review the applications (this may even take up to a few
    months, so be patient), you will receive a letter saying you are
    or are not accepted. If you are not accepted, a brief reason will
    be included, but do not expect the god to go over your application
    with you and point out all your errors so you may fix them. If for
    some reason your e-mail address has changed in the meantime, you
    may not receive this letter. It is time consuming for the god in
    question to have to track someone down, so they may only report
    that all applications are currently up to date and checked in the
    changes or an announcement. If this happens and you did not receive
    a response, feel free to e-mail the god again asking about the status
    of your application.

 5. What happens if I get hired?

    If you are hired you will be contacted by the god in charge of hiring
    for the position you applied for and offered a job. We will request for
    you to come up with the name of your god character and then promote it
    to the level you are being hired at. You will then be trained and
    allowed to perform your duties. Part of training will involve reading
    help files about your job. You must have some sort of job to remain a
    god on Medievia.

 6. Are there help files so I will know what to do?

    We have extensive builder and god help files to assist you with
    training. They are available in the same manner as the mortal
    help files and you will be given a list of topics relevant to
    the job you are hired for.

 7. Will I be able to go to zones and talk to people on my god?

    If you are hired as a builder or AQ writer AQW you will most
    likely start at level 32 (128 total level). For builders, level
    32 is restricted to the zone that the character is assigned to,
    AQ writers are able to move around more freely. Both are unable
    to communicate with mortals except for with the message and mail
    commands. Level 33+ characters are able to goto various zones
    and communicate with mortals as long as they adhere to the god
    rules (available in the god help files when you are hired). Level
    32 builders are sometimes promoted to do additional jobs depending
    on their attitude and behavior on their god and mortal. A level 130
    promotion exists, see the information in question 17 below.

 8. Do I have a time limit to finish my zone?

    No, but you are required to work on it regularly. As long as progress
    is being made we do not put a deadline on zone work.

 9. How many zones am I required to write?

    Builders are given the choice of creating additional zones once they
    have completed their first one. They are encouraged to continue
    building zones, but it is not required. You must have some kind of
    job to keep your god character, though. All jobs and promotions are
    given based on skill level, attitude, and other qualifications
    regardless of how many zones you write and how long you have been a

10. Do I get donation equipment if I am hired?

    Level 33+ gods are entitled to a full set of donation equipment after
    they have been active and productive for 90 days. Level 32 builders
    receive a full set of equipment after the completion of their rooms,
    and level 32 AQ writers receive a full set after 75 AQs have been put
    into the game. The donation items can be renewed with yearly
    certificates, provided the god is still actively working for Medievia.
    AQ writers (AQWs) and builders are able to receive additional donation
    eq credit for any followup zones and autoquests that they write.

11. Can I give my donation eq to other players or additional characters I

    Not to other players, but yes to your own characters. Donation credit
    can be used only to obtain donation eq for your OWN characters. Any
    god who is found to have used their donation credit to give gifts or
    sell eq to other players can have their god and mortals removed.

12. Can I make an object or a pet for my god?

    Level 33+ gods can have 1 god object (either a gift or eq for your
    god) and 1 pet as long as it follows some guidelines. The guidelines
    are available in the god help files if you are hired.

13. What kind of things are applications scored by?

    All applications are scored and then their averages are compared in
    order for us to decide who will be hired. We rarely hire someone who
    scores below an 8 average, and the scoring is based on a 10 point
    scale. Most people who are hired scored between 9.0 and 9.99 with an
    occasional 10. Scoring is a little different for building applications
    than god applications since we are looking for different skills, but
    the main things we check for are:

    -Followed directions on the application (shows you are good at
     completing tasks correctly and that you care enough to take the time
     to do things right).
    -Grammar and spelling (especially important for building applications
     but is important for all positions. If you do not care enough to
     proofread and spellcheck the item that is a representation of you to
     us, we will be doubtful you will care enough when doing your work as
     a god or builder.) You don't have to have perfect grammar and
     spelling to become a god or builder, but you need to prove you are
     resourceful enough to proofread your own work and make it look perfect.
    -Good zone proposal ideas or Medievia job skills
    -Well-thought out letter content
    -Mortal history file (you can get hired with poor history but you must
     start out in a level 32 (total level 128) position and prove you are
     capable of handling it). Some history behavior can completely
     disqualify you, like incidents of cheating.

14. Do I need to know how to code in order to build or to write AQs?

    No. You will be using easy online commands and a simple to learn
    offline editor to create your zone or AQs with. You will be provided
    with help files, training, and a personal mentor in order to use them.

15. What are procs?

    Procs are special procedures. They are deviations from regular code
    that cause a feature of the game to do something unique. You come up
    with the ideas for procs in your zone and then we ask a coder to code
    them for you. There are more examples and information on procs in
    "help BUILDING_TIPS".

16. How do I become a coder?

    We do not hire new gods directly to a coding position because it
    requires trust and the knowledge that you will be productive and
    responsible. Since we have no way of knowing that about someone until
    we have worked around them for a while, we hire people with coding
    abilities for different jobs to see how they perform. This could
    be helping players, quests, autoquest writing, or other jobs we
    have available that the applicant seems to fit with.

17.) Will I get promoted after I build a zone or write enough AQs?

     Most level 128 gods are eligible for a promotion to level 130 once
     they have completed a zone or a certain number of AQs. If you have
     a very extensive history file, this may be waivered. Level 130 has
     most of the same commands as level 132, but it is not a level where
     the god assists players. Level 130s are still able to communicate with
     their friends and goto places within the zones they are permitted to

18.) Is my history file too bad for me to become a god?

     This varies greatly from person to person, and often has a lot to do
     with your attitude when you deal with gods as well. If you have a
     reputation of being argumentative, obstinate, or rude when talking
     to gods, you are much less likely to be considered whether your
     history file is very poor or not. Any incident of cheating in your
     history file, no matter how old, can also disqualify you. Recent
     entries in your file can also cause you to be disqualified, or for
     us to request you work on keeping your history clean for a long
     period and then applying again. This may need to be as much as 6
     months to a year depending on its extremity. If your history file
     is mostly incidents with channel abuse and the content is not deemed
     too extreme, you are likely to be considered for level 128 positions.
     Level 33+ entry level positions require near perfect history files.

We hope that this FAQ has answered most of your questions. Feel free to
write to a 144+ with additional queries.