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To apply for a job on Medievia you must consider what skills and interests
you have and then choose from the individual applications below. Please
note that competition is high and applicants that only respond to
questions with answers like: "yes" "no" "i don't do that" "one time when
i was in college"-will not be considered. Remember that the person
reviewing your application probably has no idea who you are, and even
if they do they may need convincing that you are the right person for the
job. Make sure to provide enough information about yourself and your skills
to prove you are capable of the position.

Also, many people are plagued by the misconception that you need to know
how to code or script to accomplish jobs like building or AQ writing...
you don't! You simply need to be creative and eager to weave interesting
stories and fantastic places... so don't let this fear stop you from
applying. If you have ever been in a zone or done an AQ and thought "I-
have ideas for something like this",-then you are probably qualified to
build or write AQs. It does require reasonable grammar and writing skills
as well. There is no set number of people who are hired for these two jobs
(as in, we don't cut off hiring at 15 builders if we have 20 good
applicants) and they are good stepping stones to be considered for higher
level jobs in the future.

Simply because an application is listed in this file does not mean we
are always hiring for the position. Some jobs, such as building and AQs,
are accepting applications at any time. Many of the others only accept
applications when an announcement is made to the game. Whether or not a
department is hiring will be specified at the top of an individual

Please note that if you are hired, you are being hired to do the job
you applied for. This may seem obvious, but some people apply for a
job they are not really interested in and then repeatedly ask for
promotions to the job they really wanted. Although proving yourself
in another position is sometimes a good way to get other Medievia
jobs, it certainly won't work if you have no intentions of doing
what you were hired for. You will form a bad reputation for yourself
quickly by doing this. If you know you won't really do something,
don't apply for it.

When applying on Medievia:

 *You must be 18 years old or older.
 *Use your best grammar and spelling for the entire application.
 *Read "help GOD_FAQ before applying.
 *Do not include attached files in your application.

The jobs that we have applications for right now are as follows:

*World Builder - HELP BUILD_APP
*Autoquest Writer AQW - HELP AQ_APP
*New Player Helper NPH - HELP NPH_APP
*Zone Editor (copy editor, formerly WRE - HELP EDITOR_APP
*New Player Recruiter (NPR) - HELP NPR_APP
*Quest Designer - HELP QUEST_APP
*World Object Mobile manager WOM - WOM_APP
*Programmer (coding) - CODER_APP

Include what job you are applying for in the subject of your e-mail along
with your main mortal character's name, such as "Application for NPH from
Izar"-or "Application for Builder from Izar".

Please note that there is no "Herobattle God" application, especially with
the advent of automated herobattles.