Getting Started

Now before we rush off to how to connect to Medievia and create your character, you may ask "Why Medievia?". After all, there are a lot of MUDs out there. So, why should you join Medievia?

Starting in 1991, Medievia is one of the oldest online text-based games and has grown to a massive size, currently having well over four million rooms that consist of 522 different areas to explore, a wilderness realm that is alive with adventure, and high seas that even the most strong-willed captain cannot survive. Hundreds of players swarm the lands daily, varying between 200-700 players online depending on the time of day. We have players from all around the globe, with an active playerbase from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, and many more places around the world.

But Medievia is far more than just plenty of rooms to whack the mobs silly and plenty of other players doing it. Medievia offers variety. Instead of spamming "kill KILL!!!" hour after hour, why not take a break and do some trading? And what about joining quests, ranging from simply fishing to a 16 person elimination battles! Or how about Dragon Hunting, earning (or losing) your fortune in the casino, completing autoquests for a nice sack of gold as well as autoquest points, creating your very own bloodline, dueling with your fellow players, or... how about building the most fantastic house for yourself as well as Town for you Clan?

Medievia is a game where you will never get bored.

Interested? On we go then!


When connecting to Medievia, you're advised to pick a client. Clients support ANSI color, which enhances the gaming experience immeasurably, whereas telnet can be daunting. Most players use Mudmaster or zMUD.

Creating Your First Character

First, you must choose a name. Please choose one that's medieval in nature, and avoid names that are real words or very common modern names. We do not allow very famous fictional names, such as Akira or LordVader, or even numerals. If your name is deemed not acceptable by the staff, you will be required to read HELP NAMES and choose another before advancing past your 6th level.

You will also be required to create a password that includes a number. Please make it something that you can remember easily, but never allow anyone else to know what it is.

The final step of creating your character is picking one of the classes.

Continue with: The Classes

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