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Facts and Figures

If you have any questions, please read the frequently asked questions before you pray or send e-mail.

  1. How is the overall score calculated?

    The overall score is an aggregate based on the ranks for each of the MLR categories (experience, trading points, egg points, leading points, autoquest points, and dragon points). 0 points are given to the last place clan and town, and to unranked players in each MLR category. The next highest rank earns 1 point, the highest after that earns 2, and so forth.

  2. Why not include PK ranks, serpent points, etc., in the overall stats?

    The current formula is the one used by the historical facts and figures page. While the overall ranking doesn't give credit for some activities, MLRs are simple metrics that are unquestionably relevant. This isn't set in stone, but for now, we don't wish to make things complicated and get embroiled in a debate about which activities to include and how much to weight them.

  3. Why are some of the ranks duplicated or skipped?

    As an example, if there is a tie for first place, both of the top scorers will get rank 1, but the next runner up still gets 3rd place.

  4. What do I have to do to get a medal?

    All players who are ranked on a given day, week, or month in experience, egg points, autoquest points, or trading will receive medals for their efforts.

  5. Will there be medals for some of the other categories?

    We may add more medals in the future, subject to further discussion.

  6. Why don't you show the top 50 like the old facts and figures page?

    We may adjust the lengths of the lists periodically to reflect the level of competition for the ranks. Being one of the top players should be a challenge and an achievement.

  7. There's a bug and I didn't get my medal. What should I do?

    Send mudmail or e-mail to Seraphyr if you think there's a bug. These stats are just for fun, so unless there are serious problems, we generally don't have time to reimburse missing medals or revoke ones awarded in error.

  8. Where are the lifetime PK stats?

    Attitudes towards PK counters have changed many times over Medievia's history. We want players to have fun with PK and not worry so much about the effects of their actions on their lifetime ranks. We don't want to waste time dealing with people who think it's funny to boost their lifetime score above Sylvan's by killing their friends repeatedly.

  9. What about lifetime clan and town stats?

    Sorry, we don't have the data to produce these.

  10. My clan enrolled a bunch of active people this month. Why don't they show up on our clan's monthly score?

    We do not keep track of what players' exact totals are the moment they enroll in or leave a clan. Therefore, a player's activity only counts if he or she was enrolled for the entire day, week, or month, respectively.

  11. Why isn't my clan listed in the town ratings?

    Towns are listed by the name of the leading clan. Townless clans don't get a town rank.

  12. I played for 24 hours yesterday, but the stats page says 23.9 and ranks me second. What gives?

    Get outside more often! This happens because player files aren't saved at exactly the same time every day, so if we subtract your total time played yesterday from your time played today, we may not get exactly 24 hours, even if you were online all day. (It's 24.1 just as often as it's 23.9, in fact, but we cap it at 24 to keep up appearances. You can't even get higher than 24 during Daylight Savings shifts!)

  13. What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

    Send mudmail or e-mail to Seraphyr.

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