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Facts and Figures

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Daily Leading Points
RankClan #ClanPoints

Weekly Leading Points
RankClan #ClanPoints
18The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights2,071,810,890
25Insurrection of Chaos850,812,725
377The Sepulcher of Eilistraee736,862,069
413Beasts of the Lamb440,893,580
517Heretical Apocalypse198,130,125
620Lords of Discipline78,107,770
76The Knights Templar41,636,174
821Shadows in the Twilight30,812,849
97The Gathering11,168,928
101Warlords of Masada420,955
1150New Adventurers Guild172,624

Monthly Leading Points
RankClan #ClanPoints
18The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights4,655,290,385
277The Sepulcher of Eilistraee2,428,220,720
320Lords of Discipline935,817,823
45Insurrection of Chaos851,388,337
513Beasts of the Lamb573,600,700
67The Gathering318,663,535
71Warlords of Masada194,103,134
817Heretical Apocalypse179,821,201
96The Knights Templar165,636,380
1021Shadows in the Twilight112,177,857
1150New Adventurers Guild30,248,855

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