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Facts and Figures

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Daily Trading Points
RankClan #ClanPoints

Weekly Trading Points
RankClan #ClanPoints
18The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights355,343,440
26The Knights Templar222,214,016
320Lords of Discipline213,081,108
417Heretical Apocalypse172,857,652
513Beasts of the Lamb113,478,858
677The Sepulcher of Eilistraee20,738,042
77The Gathering13,405,420
85Insurrection of Chaos38,400

Monthly Trading Points
RankClan #ClanPoints
16The Knights Templar1,628,664,136
220Lords of Discipline673,684,896
313Beasts of the Lamb663,248,899
417Heretical Apocalypse584,712,860
577The Sepulcher of Eilistraee462,444,368
68The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights390,411,348
77The Gathering84,505,248
85Insurrection of Chaos18,634,494
91Warlords of Masada10,565,800

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