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Facts and Figures

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Daily NPK Deaths
RankClan #ClanPoints

Weekly NPK Deaths
RankClan #ClanPoints
113Beasts of the Lamb31
277The Sepulcher of Eilistraee18
38The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights13
45Insurrection of Chaos10
57The Gathering9
66The Knights Templar8
776Rise of Mayhem5
817Heretical Apocalypse3
81Warlords of Masada3

Monthly NPK Deaths
RankClan #ClanPoints
113Beasts of the Lamb87
277The Sepulcher of Eilistraee52
36The Knights Templar37
47The Gathering34
58The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights27
65Insurrection of Chaos26
716Disciples of Jakob7
817Heretical Apocalypse6
91Warlords of Masada5
1076Rise of Mayhem3
1120Lords of Discipline2

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