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Facts and Figures

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Daily Hours Played
RankClan #ClanPoints

Weekly Hours Played
RankClan #ClanPoints
177The Sepulcher of Eilistraee1,070
26The Knights Templar963
38The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights868
413Beasts of the Lamb591
51Warlords of Masada346
65Insurrection of Chaos342
717Heretical Apocalypse335
820Lords of Discipline252
918Avatars of Justice176
1021Shadows in the Twilight92.7
117The Gathering69.8
1276Rise of Mayhem63.2
1350New Adventurers Guild47.2
1416Disciples of Jakob12.8
1533Legacy of Virtue0.5

Monthly Hours Played
RankClan #ClanPoints
177The Sepulcher of Eilistraee3,381
26The Knights Templar2,981
38The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights1,780
413Beasts of the Lamb1,739
517Heretical Apocalypse1,038
620Lords of Discipline967
71Warlords of Masada883
85Insurrection of Chaos863
918Avatars of Justice598
1050New Adventurers Guild544
117The Gathering340
1221Shadows in the Twilight240
1376Rise of Mayhem174
1416Disciples of Jakob86.2
1533Legacy of Virtue1.3

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