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Facts and Figures

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Daily Experience Points
RankClan #ClanPoints

Weekly Experience Points
RankClan #ClanPoints
18The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights8,776,477,262
277The Sepulcher of Eilistraee4,588,844,004
313Beasts of the Lamb3,049,064,459
45Insurrection of Chaos2,622,577,419
517Heretical Apocalypse1,857,896,406
66The Knights Templar1,136,512,948
720Lords of Discipline239,492,039
87The Gathering214,419,819
91Warlords of Masada157,520,229
1021Shadows in the Twilight123,255,592
1176Rise of Mayhem87,207,502
1216Disciples of Jakob36,847,816
1350New Adventurers Guild728,831
1418Avatars of Justice499

Monthly Experience Points
RankClan #ClanPoints
18The Ancient Order of The Prism Knights21,428,498,045
277The Sepulcher of Eilistraee10,971,357,954
313Beasts of the Lamb5,266,279,378
46The Knights Templar4,137,193,164
55Insurrection of Chaos3,767,517,705
620Lords of Discipline3,354,141,522
717Heretical Apocalypse2,882,295,279
87The Gathering2,146,312,512
91Warlords of Masada1,079,999,075
1021Shadows in the Twilight325,294,580
1176Rise of Mayhem160,123,406
1216Disciples of Jakob117,205,861
1350New Adventurers Guild59,149,192
1418Avatars of Justice8,477,652
1533Legacy of Virtue295,217

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