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The Medievia EDITOR is the tool players use to write messages or notes to
each other. To write a note, you need a piece of paper and a quill. MAGES
can create these with the "MINOR CREATION" SPELL you can buy them in many
stores, or you can type MAILPAPER or MAILQUILL at the "POST OFFICE" to get
one for free. There are also special pieces of paper and unique pens
throughout the game.

To write on a piece of paper, have it and your quill in your inventory,
and type:

write paper quill

This will put you into the editor menu. Each command has one letter in
parentheses, like the "E" in (E)dit. You simply type that letter to use
that command.

Type "E" for "Edit" to start writing. Type your message into the game
just like if you were talking. Hit Enter to finish each line, and hit
Enter again when you finish writing. That will put you back at the menu.
There you can type "J" to justify (clean up) your message, "C" to
spellcheck it, and (most importantly!) "S" to save it and leave the

Once you've saved, you can read your message by typing "look paper" or
"read paper". You can use MUDMAIL or the MESSAGE command to send the paper
to another player, or post it on a BOARD if there is one nearby.

The other options in the menu are "L" to edit one line, I to insert a
new line, "D" to delete a line, "W" to wipe out all your text, "R" to do
a simple search and replace, and "T" to look at your text as it is.

The "P" option (Swap Text with Paper) does not work yet.

If you decide to abandon your message midway, type "A" at the menu to
abort (leave the editor). Everything you've written will be lost, so be

CLANTOWN builders use the same editor to write rooms and mob descriptions,
and GODS use it to build all the ZONES in the game.