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Medievia's staff members are known as "gods" and "goddesses" in the world
of the game. They are the world's creators and its guardians, and it is
their job to watch over the world and make sure that the game is fun for
everyone. When you use the PRAY command, the gods see what you say.

For information on specific god positions and who currently holds them,
you may read Help ROLES or look at the WIZLIST command. There are also
pages about Medievia staff on the website at

An explanation of god levels:

-The level 148 gods are Vryce, Ozymandias, and Soleil. They have the final
 say on any issue, and Vryce's say is always final if the situation demands
 his involvement.

-Level 144 gods, along with 148s, are primary decisionmakers. Many commands
 and procedures related to the running of the game, especially dealing with
 serious problem players and bugs, are handled by level 144+. Level 144 gods
 have the disposition and general knowledge to handle nearly every game issue.

-Level 142 gods are department managers. They hire, train, and manage new
 gods. These gods are there to oversee the work done by 32s, 33s, 34s,
 and most 140s, and include many of the game's most experienced gods.

-Level 140 gods are the backbone of the god staff. Gods who have proven
 themselves trustworthy and who have sufficient experience in their jobs are
 all level 140. This is the main god level.

-Level 34 (136) gods (also known as a supremity) have been on staff for a
 while but have not yet reached the main god level, 35 (140).

-Level 33 (132) gods are those who are new to the staff.

While level 32s cannot interact with players, their contributions to the
game are vital in the form of new content and new players.

-Level 32 (130) exists, but is no longer used.

-Level 32 (128) builders create zones and autoquests.

If a god asks you to do something, or to stop doing something, you should
do it. Part of their responsibility of making the game fun for everyone is
to know and enforce the rules. Breaking the rules is taken seriously on
Medievia, and those players who abuse the privilege of playing here can be
frozen or purged. It is the gods' responsibility to enforce the rules, but
it is your responsibility to follow them.

All gods also have "mortal" characters, regular characters they play just
as you do. Their mortal characters receive no special benefits or
knowledge and cannot "find things out" or do favors for their friends.
Gods who try to do that sort of thing quickly find themselves out of a

If you are over 18 and are interested in becoming a god on Medievia, you
need to read Help GOD_FAQ first. It will answer all of your questions
about applying for a staff position here. Help BUILDING addresses how to
apply for a builder god (a zone writer), and Help APPLICATION addresses
how to apply for a more specialized staff position.

The gods are aided in their efforts to welcome and assist new players by
the AVATARS hero characters who have taken on the added responsibility of
that position. Avatars assist the gods by approving names, answering the
prayers of single-class characters, and listening to the New Adventurers'
Guild clan channel. Players of any age may become avatars; see Help AVATAR