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Every clan in Medievia is part of a clantown. Some clans are
"leading" clans, meaning the town is theirs, and bears their name.
You can see a list of towns with SHOWTOWN All towns can also have
"sister" clans, which share the town with the leading clan. All the
members of the leading clan and sister clans can talk to each other
on the TOWN channel.

All clantowns are connected to each other, and to the cities of
Medievia and Trellor, by a system of magical portals. By using these
portals, you can move quickly and easily - for free - to any other
city or clantown with a portal. Be warned, however, that there is a
risk of the portal's magic failing and sending you to the wrong town,
or even out into the wilderness. Turning off the portal to your town is

Clantowns are complete, playable zones, built by the clan members
themselves, with everything from banks and lockers to mobs that can
be killed for xp. The levels of the mobs change regularly; the
SHOWTOWN command will list clantowns rated by the difficulty of their
mobs. Clantowns repop every 60 minutes.

It costs a clan gold to create the town and to create rooms, and each day,
the clan is charged taxes based on the size of their town. These taxes can
be split between all the clans in the town. The amount of room taxes a
certain clan pays determines its clantown size ranking, which is part of
the calculation for clan hitpoint bonuses. Help CLANRANKING explains this

Every clantown also contains clanshops, where anyone can sell items.
The CATALOG command will list all the items currently for sale in
clanshops across the land.

Every clantown must contain a minimum of 20 rooms, plus 10 more rooms
for each sister clan. This minimum must be met within 14 days of the
creation of the town; clantowns that remain too small for a long period of
time are subject to disciplinary action leading up to removal of the town
in extreme circumstances. Daily clantown room taxes are charged based on the
actual number of rooms or the minimum required, whichever is higher.

The help files listed below contain more information on clantowns.

For information on:
- the costs related to building and maintaining a clantown, please
   see Help CLANCOSTS
- building your clantown, please see Help CTB_INDEX
- starting your own clantown, please see Help CLAN CREATION
- the clantown size rating, please see Help CLANRANKING
- buying and selling in clanshops, please see Help CLANSHOP
- finding a clantown to XP in, please see Help SUGGESTED ZONES
- using the portal system, please see Help PORTALS
- clantown room taxes, please see Help CLANTAX

To read the original proposals and ideas for clantowns, written by
Vryce himself, you can also read Help CLANTOWNS_VRYCE