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If you see MAIL on your prompt, it means that you have mail waiting
for you. You may pick it up at any post office which can be found in
most towns and villages. When you are in the post office, type RECEIVE

You may send objects to other players also. To do so, simply go to a
post office and type SEND <object> <name>. You will be charged for this
service based on the weight and value of the item you are mailing.

If you want to send a letter, simply buy a paper and quill, write your
message, and send the paper. You can not store or send equipment to
yourself through mail.

Sending eggs to players via mail is not allowed. Please use the transfer
command at the war room.

Sending treasure items is not allowed. This includes bars and jewels, as
well as other items of type TREASURE. To transfer money, use the bank.

If you by chance mail something to the wrong person you can use the UNSEND
<character name> command. This command costs money, 100,000 per item, so
it cannot be abused. Note: If you send 5 items to another person, using
this command will retrieve all 5 items, costing a total of 500,000 gold.
You are not able to choose which item to retrieve.

You can unsend only the *most recent* one item you sent to someone, at a
cost of 100,000 gold, by typing UNSEND <character name> LAST.

That example would take back any mail you had sent to Gamina. Note: This
command ONLY works if the other person has not yet received it. After
that, it is too late to retrieve.

If you need to send a message to someone, but you do not have a piece of
paper or a quill, you can use the MAILPAPER and MAILQUILL commands while
in the post office.