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In many of the cities around Medievia there are bulletin boards that any
player can post messages or notes on. Some of the most common usages
of these boards are posts from players looking to buy, sell, or trade
equipment; clan announcements; jokes or stories; and other miscellaneous

Each clan has its own message board, located in its CLANHALL and in its
MEDLINK room. Messages posted in one place will be viewable in the other
as well. These boards can hold up to 100 messages. Once a board is full,
each new message added will cause the oldest one to disappear.

The Library in the City of Medievia has a "main" board which is also
located in most major cities and CLANTOWNS Messages posted on any one of
them will be seen on every copy of that board at the same time. This board
can hold up to 250 messages, and you can find it in each town with the GUIDE

Following are the commands for using message boards. You must be in the
room with the board to read it, and you can't pick it up.

    look board                     to see what messages are on the board
    read <message # or keyword>    to read a particular message
    remove <message # or keyword>  to delete one of your own posts
    put paper board <subject>      to post a message you've written

Specify the subject for your post on the command line when you post your
message. Subject lines are limited to approximately 45 characters.

When you post a piece of paper on the board, it must be finished and ready
to go. You will not be able to edit it after it's posted. The REMOVE command
will permanently delete a post, not return it to your inventory. Clan leaders
and coleaders can remove anyone's posts from their clan boards; other
players can remove only posts they themselves put up.

You can identify posts to read or remove by the number of the post or by a
keyword. If you use a keyword, you normally get the first post where the
author or subject contains that keyword. You can further restrict the search
as in the following examples.

    read 7               to read the seventh note on the board
    read tyche           to read the first note involving 'tyche'
    read s:tyche         to read the first note with 'tyche' in the subject
    remove a:bob         to remove the first note written by Bob
    read a:3.bob         to read the third note written by Bob

If you see an offensive, bashing, or otherwise inappropriate message, use
PRAY to request a god's attention. Players can and will be frozen for
bashing and cursing on boards just like on any public channel.

There are message boards in HAVEN for new players to use to ask for help,
and there are special-purpose message boards for debates, poetry, and book
recommendations in MedLink. There is a QUEST board for announcements
having to do with quests and "QUEST AUCTIONS" Other boards may be located
around the world for other purposes.