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Ship events are set up by a God. There are two types, races and battles.


For races basically if a few to a bunch of players want to race they can
let a God know and the God will set it up.

We need to know:
- What the entry fee should be. This can be between 1 million and 1
  billion gold. All of the gold goes into a pot. The winner gets 50%,
  second place gets 30%, and third place gets 20%.
- What area in X & Y coordinates should be the starting area. The area
  20X20 around this spot must be all ocean.
- What dock is the finishing line. You finish by docking there.
- What direction ( N,S,E,W) the ships should face at the start.

That is it. The god starts the race and it is all automated from there. It
will start in FIVE minutes with announcements every minute. During this
time anyone total level 25+ with the entry fee in gold can do a SHIP EVENT
ENROLL and enter.

At this point they will be in a new temporary sloop named after them with
sails set, guns installed, ammo loaded, deckhands ready and going to guns,
and even some ship fae.

The anchor is down. You cannot weigh anchor or shoot each other until the
race starts. During the race you may only shoot other racing ships, not
serpents or other ships. There will be no mobfactions, seadragons,
serpents popping up to check you out, or Ruby Kah. You are not allowed to
have any help on your ship. These are solo races.

You may not quit a race. Simply leave your ship, it will be destroyed
eventually. To get back to your ship if you have to, just do a SHIP EVENT
ENROLL again and you will be placed back on your ship.

SHIP LIST shows the ships in the race.
ADVENTURE SHIPEVENT will show the log of what is happening.

The winner gets a 'golden sloop pin for winning a ship race' medal.

Second place gets a 'silver sloop pin for placing 2nd in a ship race'

Third place gets a 'bronze sloop pin for placing 3rd in a ship race'

Any other finishers gets a 'wooden sloop pin for finishing a ship race'

When we have a large entry fee of 10 million or more and 10+ players enter
the race, the God will give the winner a special
-=[The Commodore's Cup for winning a Regatta ship race]=- medal.

Gods may hold special races with announced large winnings in gold and then
send the gold to the winners manually.

These races do survive restarts and crashes, after the game comes back up
things will continue as they were.

SHIP BATTLE: Players are placed on ships all near each other in the ship
training pen. The only winner is the last ship floating. All damage is
quadrupled. The God selects which ship class the battle will use. The
anchor will be raised and you can move as soon as you start before the
event actually begins. There is one medal to the winner who also collects
all the gold collected from entry fees. When you do the most damage
against a ship that has sunk your ship gets up to a 90% heal and all fires

The rules say that no one may help you and you must remain alone on your