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Shops are located throughout the game, especially in cities. Each shop has a
specialty. They will sell you armor, weapons, food, potions, clothes, gifts,
and other supplies.

At some shops, you can sell things for gold. Shopkeepers will only buy items
that fit their specialty. Some shopkeepers pay better for the same item than
others. Some are not interested in buying things at all, and will tell you
so. Shopkeepers will not buy items marked NODROP or items that have been
DONATED or have the LOCK flag.

The same commands work in all shops.

LIST                   - lists what the shop has for sale
BUY [quantity] <item>  - buys an item from the shop
SELL <item>            - sells something from your inventory for gold
VALUE <item>           - asks the shopkeeper how much he or she will pay you

If you are in a CLANSHOP inventory and buying and selling work differently.
Read HELP CLANSHOP for information.

If you are in a TRADEPOST read HELP TRADING and HELP TRADEVALUE The same
commands work there, but in a different way.