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    adventure <message>   - talks on the Adventure channel
    adventurelog [string] - shows a log of the channel
    adventure <on|off>    - turns the channel off and on (can also use

The ADVENTURE channel is a unique channel with special rules, just as the
POLITICS channel is. The ADVENTURE channel is highly regulated, and
players are forced to use it exactly as designed via gags and possibly
freezes. The DM will use the channel to give information and hints on

The main rule is DO NOT SPAM ADVENTURE

DO NOT SPAM ADVENTURE Use it once and live with the results. If you are
getting a form together to do something you may use it 3 times, announce
the formation, update for more players needed if you still have needs,
then last time for final call. You do this to form dragon lair parties,
explore parties, etc.

Rules for using this channel are as follows:
    Acceptable uses:
        - Organizing a current in-game event that requires a global
          channel to help coordinate multiple players around the world
        - Asking for assistance with mobfactions
        - Announce or talk briefly about a wedding between players
        - Asking for players to join a run of a dragon lair, EXPLORE etc.
        - Imminently needing items like sanctuary orbs on auction

    Unacceptable uses:
        - Chat that doesn't apply to the above acceptable uses
        - Discussion of technical game issues such as lag or the DM
        - Discussing anything in-game that's not a current event
        - Buying and selling equipment. (Wanting a fire-diamond ring is not a
          current event; use the message boards instead.)
        - Using ADVENTURE for a specific use that already has a channel
          dedicated to it (politics, quest, develop, etc.)

The main purpose of the channel is so that players can log in and check
the ADVENTURELOG and see what's happening. They can then see what
adventure they want to partake in. This helps players that do not have a
lot of time easily find some cool adventure to join and help.

The other purpose of the channel is so players who do not like the spam or
insanity of the other channels can still be connected with what is going
on in their world. Players who immerse themselves into the ongoing player-
and DM-driven world will love this new channel. Medievia V will be filled
with adventure, and the ADVENTURE channel is where players connect to talk
about the ongoing adventures and events.

Basically if you keep real life off the channel, talk from your character's
eye, and talk about the game happenings and not the game itself, you will do
well and not be gagged.

Please read ANNOUNCEMENT 666.

Note that this channel used to be called the CE "Current Event" channel.