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towngame          - shows stats if your town is currently in a game; shows
                    syntax otherwise
towngame request  - challenges another town
                    (players with towngame privilege only)
towngame menu     - shows syntax
towngame list     - lists all towngames currently taking place
towngame <number> - shows stats for the game that town number is in; the
                    number must be the leading clan

towngame history <number> - shows recent games for that town

The possible towngames are:
           RACEEXP     (Race to # Experience Gained)
           RACETRADE   (Race to # Trading Points)
           RACEAQ      (Race to # Autoquest Points)
           RACEEGGS    (Race to # Eggs)
           RACEFAE     (Race to # fae gained)
           RACEFAEBALL (Race to # seconds carrying the Fa eBall)
           TOWEXP      (Tug of War Experience Gained)
           TOWTRADE    (Tug of War Trading Points)
           TOWAQ       (Tug of War Autoquest Points)
           TOWEGGS     (Tug of War Eggs)
           CTF         (Capture the Flag)

Towns are able to challenge other towns at things like autoquests, egging,
trading, and XP as well as the CTF game. The code chooses which teams are
matched up after both teams request a game. A request can be made by any
clanleader or coleader in any clan in the town, or by a town member with
the 'towngame' privilege.

While a towngame is going on, town members can see the progress and scores
of their town and the opponents in the challenge category. A town can
participate in only one game at a time.

Aside from CTF which has separate rules (see Help CTF there are two
types of games, Race and Tug-Of-War. When a race game is proposed, the
game will decide on a random 'goal' number, and whichever town reaches
that goal first will win. When a Tug-Of-War game is in progress, the goal
is to beat the other town by 25%. The Tug-Of-War rope in the 'towngame
stats' display will make it clear who is ahead.

Participation in and winning of towngames has an impact on the CLANRANKING
of all the clans in the town. Rating points will be based on the past
record of the town you beat; beating a powerful, winning town is worth
more than beating a town with a losing record. Clanranking will be applied
equally to all the clans in the town. See Help CLANRANKING for details.

If a clan changes towns (resisters), it will retain its original town's
towngame ranking, adding to it as the new town participates in towngames.
This means that clans that have been in the same town since towngames
began will have the same score, and clans that later join that town will
have more or less, depending on how well their previous town did. Over
time, these scores even out, putting the best towns at the top of the
towngame rankings.

The top participants (individual players) of the winning town may receive
quest points or other rewards for their contribution to the town's
victory. Since the towngames feature is still in development, this has not
yet been decided. Stay tuned to ANNOUNCEMENTs, CHANGES and this help file.