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This command allows a player to filter through what is seen on auction
that is not of interest. Each player is able to filter equipment based on
location, alignment restrictions, class restrictions, and level
restrictions of items. Thus, the player will never see auction messages
for items which match a filter on their list, unless that object is also
on their watch list or if they're "interest" in the object
(See: SETAUCTION for a description of interest).

For example, if a player chooses to filter equipment that is worn on
finger, but has specified that they want to watch for silvery regeneration
rings, they would see silvery regeneration rings when they were auctioned,
but would not see banded rings. If the player were to auction a ring of
protection, they'd see auction messages for that ring, since they were
interested as a seller in it.

Typing SETFILTER with no options lists your current filter settings.

SETFILTER Y and SETFILTER Z require an additional argument, which is the
minimum or maximum level of equipment you wish to see.

See help IGNORE to learn how to block auction messages from specific sellers.