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Alerts you to auctions of items you are interested in.


setwatch          - displays your setwatch alert status
setwatch <letter> - toggles whether you are watching for that category
setwatch 0        - clears all your setwatch alerts

setwatch item                  - lists keywords you are watching for
setwatch item add <keyword>    - adds that keyword to your watch list
setwatch item remove <keyword> - removes that keyword from your watch list
setwatch item clear            - clears your watched item keyword list


setwatch M   - toggles whether you are watching for reclass coins on
setwatch KTL - toggles your watch for elemental stones, healing staves,
               and repaerdnim roots, all at once

setwatch item add blueiron    - alerts you to all auctions of items that
                                have 'blueiron' as a keyword
setwatch item remove blueiron - turns off your watch for 'blueiron'

This command allows you to watch for certain types of equipment as it
becomes available on auction. When an item on your watch list is being
auctioned, the auction of that object is seen regardless of your
SETAUCTION settings.

If a container contains an item on your watch list, you will see auction
messages for that container. Thus, if you are watching for eggs, you will
see a bag of eggs on the auction channel.