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This command allows you to control which auction messages you will
see. There are three levels: ALL SOME, or NONE.

    setauction all    - show all auction messages
    setauction some   - show brief auction messages
    setauction none   - only show messages for items of interest
    setauction id     - toggles whether you see identify messages
    setauction bank   - toggles whether your proceeds go to the bank

ALL means that you see every message for every item. You will see the item
when it comes up for auction, all the bids placed, and the final sale.

SOME means that you will see a message when an item comes up for auction.
You will only see the other messages for items you bid on. This is the best
setting for most people.

NONE means that you only see auction messages for items you have indicated
are "of interest." See below.

ID toggles whether you see the IDENTIFY information when a new item
comes up for auction. This information can always be seen with BID S ?,
where S is the slot, A through E.

BANK toggles whether your proceeds from selling items on auction go to your
bank account or to your pocket (the default). If you are in CPK the money
from auction ALWAYS goes to your pocket, not to the bank, regardless of the

Regardless of your SETAUCTION setting, you will always see messages for
items that are of "interest". There are three ways to indicate interest:
First, the seller is always marked as being interested. Second, anyone who
bids on the item is marked as being interested. Third, if you use the
AUCTION FLAG command (See: Help AUCTION you can mark an item as being
interesting in advance.

You will always see all auction events pertaining to items which you
have selected on your watch list (See: SETWATCH

You will never see auction events pertaining to items in your filter
list (see: SETFILTER unless the item is also in your watch list, or the
item is of interest. You will never see auction events where the seller is
in your ignore list (see: IGNORE unless you bid on them.