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The DRAGONLAIR command lists Dragon Lair dragons and info on them.
For help on Dragon Lairs, read: Help DRAGON LAIRS

The DRAGONLAIR command lists: dragon lair dragons, their color,
age in real days, Number players killed, total damage done to players,
their current status and either how many lairs the dragon has made
or, if under attack, how much time until the dragon leaves to
create a new lair. If the dragon leaves, you lost, he won. He will
now be much stronger and have more hide.

You can start the Dragon attack (get hide shared correctly) before
actually attacking the dragon. You must be one room away from the dragon,
must be the leader of the form, dragon must not have been attacked yet. To
do this just enter the command: DRAGONLAIR ATTACK You can still start the
attack automatically when attacking the dragon. We created this method
because sometimes if you attack the dragon, some people in the form are
killed and unformed in the first round before the code knows who should
get a share of the hide.

You can also use the DRAGONLAIR command to share the Dragons hide
with another formation. Just type DRAGONLAIR playername where
playername is someone in the other formation. There are some very
important rules you must follow:
-You must be the leader of the form that attacked the dragon and
 already have the hide assigned.
-You must be IN the DragonLair.
-The Dragon must be in the Dragonlair.
-You must not have shared the hide already.

The second formation of players do not need to be fighting. In fact
it is important to share the hide before they enter the Den area
because if they enter the fight they could be unformed when you
share. That would mean that not every player would get their share
of hide. My suggestion is 1.form attacks, 2.form does not, the
hide is shared, then 2.form attacks.

When the hide is shared, the hide amount available is doubled.
Ruby Dragons still give 1 hide per player, even if it is 18 players.

Giving the DRAGONLAIR command the PLAYERS parameter will list
all Heroes sorted by DragonPoints.
The top 20% of Heroes online rated by DragonPoints are called
DRAGONHUNTERS They get a DH tag on their name and get to
fly twice as fast. Anyone who has more than 23,000 dragon points will
notice that they det (deteriorate, lessen) by .25% per day.