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Once you have identified an item, that item's identify information is
"memorized" by your character. Read Help APPRAISE

The COMPARE command allows you to compare one item against all other items
that can be worn on the same location, or it allows you to compare all
items that have the attributes you specify.


compare <item name> - shows appraise info for <item> and all eq in
                      your inventory and currently worn that can be worn
                      on the same location as <item>

Instead of specifying an item to compare against, you can use filters to
specify specific attributes you are looking for, such as stats and class and
alignment restrictions. Only equipment that matches all of the filters will be


compare <filter> ... - shows appraise info on all eq that matches the given

The following options are available to filter the results.

<location>          - limit the results to equipment that can be worn on

  <location> is one of: bser 1H 2H finger neck body head legs feet hands
                        arms shield about waist wrist wield hold light throw

<type>              - show only items that have the given type

  <type> is one of:     scroll wand staff weapon fireweapon missile treasure
                        armor potion worn other trash quiver container drink
                        key food boat regen ammunition

<class>             - shows appraise info for all items that can be used by
                      the specified class

<good|neut|evil>    - limit the results to equipment usable by the given

level < N           - show only equipment with a maximum level restriction
                      less than N. You can also use <=, =, >, or >= in place
                      of <, and combine multiple level filters to specify
                      a range

<stat>              - shows only equipment that affects the specified stat or

<stat> < N          - show equipment that adds at most N to the given stat.
                      As with levels, you can also use <=, =, >, or >=.

  <stat> is one of:     str dex int wis con level age weight height mana hps
                        hps mv armor hr dr spoi srod spet sbr ss sta infspl
                        infmage infcle infmel

sortby = <order>    - sort the results in a particular order

  <order> is one of:    tweak  - Items are ranked by how good the game thinks
                                 they are. This is usually only a rough
                                 approximation of how good they actually are.
                        weight - Items are ranked by weight.
                        level  - Items are ranked by the minimum level needed to
                                 use them.


compare feet        - shows appraise info for all eq on your person
                      that can be worn on feet, including what you're
                      currently wearing on feet

compare boots       - shows appraise info for the boots in your inventory
                      (or the boots you're currently wearing), plus all
                      other eq on your person that can be worn in the same
                      slot (feet)

compare wis con     - shows appraise info for all eq on your person that
                      has an effect on your wisdom and constitution

compare neutral mage lev<=20 hps>20 sortby=tweak
                    - shows the equipment on your person that is usable by a
                      level 20 neutral mage and gives a bonus of more than
                      20 hps, with the "best" items at the top of the list

When you specify an item name, there will be a red = (equal sign) next to
the specified item in the list of results to distinguish it from the other
items for that slot.

The INVENTORY command shows a green ! (exclamation point) before items
that you have identified. COMPARE will ignore items you cannot appraise
or cannot see.