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The quest shop sells various rare items exclusive to quests. Many of these
items are difficult to come by and require rare components to purchase.
Certain quests will award participants or winners with special tokens.
These tokens can be used to buy special quest items inside the shop.

The quest shop can be found in the the warrior quarter of Medievia city.

If you wish to purchase anything the shop sells you should use the
INQUIRE command to find out the objects you require.



Rumors of mysterious relics have started to spread around the City of
Riverton. Citizens speak of an ancient item that is found by assembling
five runic items. The items were scattered to the far corners of the world
in ages past by a long-forgotten mage when he came to realize the power
the combined relic had.

Relic items are regular objects within the game and all have distinctive
keywords. This quest is not part of any other quest and will last for an
extended period. See ANNOUNCEMENT 561.



Sarahia, an elvish lady-adventurer from the distant lands of Elysium
is on a hunt for a mysterious and unique sheep and asks that everyone
help her find it. It is said to posses wondrous powers and to wander odd
places, although no hero has ever reported seeing it. It may be difficult
to find as it generally seeks to hide from anyone that might think of
shearing it. If you come across it the best way to avoid danger is to
let it think you worship it. You can find information by using the
"SAY-SHEEP" phrase and obtain the reward via the "ASSEMBLE-SHEEP" phrase.



Chiron, the demonic servant of Astoroth, has been seen wandering the old
keeps and fortresses of Medievia. There is a bounty on his head set by
the fair elves of Elysium. He frequently roams around looking for
adventurers of the realm to fight. Remember he is a demon and they can
be quite tricky to deal with.

Chiron can currently be started by heroes by talking to Sarahia, an
elvish lady-adventurer, via the "SAY-HUNT" phrase.