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Quests are a sort of game within the game added for your enjoyment. They
may involve skill, intelligence and test your knowledge of the game, or
they may be strictly for fun and require no more than your ability to
find objects randomly placed throughout the game.

The quest channel is used to announce the beginning and the progress of
quests currently being held. Most of the commands for the quests are also
in the help file for each quest. Not all quests have help files at this
time, but check back at a later date to see if they have been added.

Medievia also has a built-in quest module called the Quest Daemon. It
allows quest gods to run quests through Medievia, which greatly improves
their speed and will allow many surprises which would not be possible
otherwise. Players use the QC command to enroll, quit and glean
information about the quest. When you are enrolled through the Quest
Daemon you will see a [Q] on your prompt.

The following help files are available:

Quest Help Files:
   - Help QUEST SHOP
   - Help QUEST ZONE
   - Help QP

Scripted Quests:
   - See HELP QUEST LIST for a more comprehensive listing.
   - Also use QC HELP while a quest is running to see its help

Non-Scripted Quests:
   - Help ASPHODEL
   - Help CHIRON
   - Help HELL_QUEST
   - Help TYKIER


Quest Rules and Conduct

Quests can be a fun and exciting part of Medievia. Some participate to get
away from some of the more common tasks of the land, and some take part to
see their name show up on quest channel saying they have just beaten the best
heroes in the game. Whatever your reason for joining a quest, your main
goal should be to have fun. For the most part, discipline in quests is rare,
but we can and have BANNED people. You should be aware of the following
items and abide by them at all times:

1. Not all quest scripts are perfect. If something goes wrong, do not get mad
at the god running it. Chances are they are more frustrated than you.
It can take quite a few hours to get a quest one hundred percent finished,
and during the testing phase it is likely that a quest will break once or

2. Whether or not quest points are awarded for the winner of a quest is completely
based on the decision of the god running it. Sometimes the turn out of players for
a quest is low, and the quest may not be challenging enough for quest points.
Some quests are always non quest point such as fishing and scrapple.

3. Player killing quests can be both exhilarating and nerve racking. We
understand that sometimes your luck just runs out and the unthinkable happens
during that vital moment in a battle, but if you become overly agitated and
start to whine and become a problem over public channels, you will be BANNED
from quests and most likly GAGGED.

4. Intentionally losing link in quests to gain an advantage will get you
BANNED from the quest. In quests such as eliminator or chaos quest, if you lose link
and come back later on, telepath the quest god. If you reconnect to find two
people battling in the area, DO NOT interfere with their battle.

5. Generally harassing or bothering gods with quest related issues is not
acceptable. You could find yourself banned or frozen. We DO want to hear
your ideas about quests and we ARE interested in your comments, but do not
take an abusive tone.

6. The use of the quest channel is at the discretion of the quest god, if
people become abusive or create spam they can be GAGGED or BANNED from
quests, being abusive about quests on imm or other channels will get you
GAGGED on that channel and on the quest channel, you might also find yourself
with a BAN or a FREEZE

7. Some quests have been run in the past and are popular with players, quests
like petwars are very popular but sometimes quests like this aren't finished
or the god who was making it retires, spamming requests for these quests when
the haven't been run for months/years is annoying and is not tolerated.

If you want to make constructive comments about quests you can email
Calrog (Quest Manager) or

Please follow these guidelines and make the quests fun for others to play
in, and most of all, make it fun for yourself.