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The goal of this quest is to descend through the 9 circles of hell,
ultimately returning to the surface.

The quest is divided into 9 circles. Only players who complete a given
circle may move onto the next. Each circle is begun by forming a group of
players and buying the required key from the quest shop. These keys are
expensive and very rare.

While the quest is open to any player, it is advisable that only heroes
attempt it. It is also recommended that you take time to read all the room
descriptions. The circles are not short and you should not begin the first
circle unless you have a minimum of four hours to devote.

Currently, only the Upper Levels of Hell and the Gates of Dis are
accessible. Once each additional circle is finished it will be noted in
this help file. The key gained in the previous circle will also be
updated so that it will deteriorate.

The entrance to the first circle is via a portal located in the back room
of the quest shop. Use the "ENTER-PORTAL" command.

The Upper Levels of Hell and the Gates of Dis consist of what was
previously known as HellQuest.

Have fun, enjoy, and please let us know if you encounter any issues or