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The ENCLAVE is a group of Medievia players who assist Vryce in three ways.

1) They help him make decisions about the development of Medievia by being
experts in the game who are willing to be a part of the debates and
discussions concerning all aspects of changing the game, willing to do it
exactly how Vryce wants it done.

2) They are the honorable voices of reason on the public channels helping
keep them sane and open. Vryce wants to close the public channels because
of all of the problems they bring. The enclave wants to keep the public
channels and are trained towards this effort.

3) They are productive voices of reason on our WWW forums which while
viewable by anyone can only be posted to by the enclave and the Gods.

To become a member you must truly master at least one of the features,
then take the on-line enclave training course.

The members have an ENCLAVE tag, get to use the ENCLAVE chat channel,
get to read the enclave news, get a medal, and get to speak with Vryce
daily if he has time.

WHO -e lists enclave members online.

Enclave members names are yellow on the chat channel, please listen to
them as they are in charge of monitoring channels.

The ENCLAVE command is used to chat on the ENCLAVE channel.
Example: enc I agree that ship ammo is too cheap

ENCLAVE TRAINING starts the training course.

ENCLAVE by itself lists the members and when they enrolled.

The Governor and Mayor elected via politics are automatically allowed to
use the enclave channel. Players must first take the enclave training
course before they can declare themselves for politics. They do not need
to be in the enclave but they do need to take the course.

The enclave channel is the most honorable and crap-free channel there is
and any off-topic chatting or dishonorable speaking gets the member
removed from the enclave, instantly. It is taken quite seriously so only
apply if you are serious.

This is Vryce's enclave. He decides who is in and who is out and why. The
enclave exists only to serve Vryce and his efforts to make the game
better. If you do not wish to serve Vryce in this capacity, do not apply.

Before you apply you must take the enclave training course here in the
game. This gives anyone who wants to finish it a medal. You do not need to
actually want to be in the enclave to take the course and get the medal.
You must have this medal in order to talk on the enclave channel. If you
are in the enclave and Vryce feels you need to take the course again he
will tell you so and take away your medal so you cannot talk on the

Want to apply?

First take the course via the ENCLAVE TRAINING command.

When finished apply, email the following:

Subject: enclave application

Include in the body ALL of the following:

Main playername to be in the enclave:

Other playernames:

Year you started playing:

Features you feel you have mastered:

Anything that makes you special: (this being maybe you're an avatar, maybe
you're in top 10 underocean or trading etc, maybe you're a clan leader,
anything that makes you a special player, playing a few years without
being frozen is special, whatever you want to say)

Finally to post on the forums you must apply there and create an account
there to get that account approved.

See also: SETCOMM