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Syntax:  setcomm status
             shows you the status of your channels (on/off)
         setcomm # (a number between 1-12)
             toggles that channel on or off

There are many channels in Medievia used for global communication. When
you use a channel, everyone who has that channel on will see your message.
Likewise, you will only see messages on a channel if you have it on. Each
channel has specific guidelines, which should be followed.

Syntax: shout/chat/develop/quest/politics/CE/ask <message>

Please read HELP CORRECTION POLICE which says not to correct other
people's grammar or spelling on public channels.

The development channel is ONLY for discussing ideas which pertain to
bettering the game, like ideas about zones, trading, combat, etc. It is
NOT a wholesale forum for the exchange of information. Do not use develop
for getting a form, finding information about an item, giving advice to
other players, chatting, or anything else which does not directly
pertain to the betterment of Medievia. If you do your privilege to use
the develop channel will be summarily revoked.

The Current Event channel has special rules that apply to its use. It is
only to be used to communication things that are currently happening in
the game that require people from around the world to know about. This
does not include buying or selling eq, talking about any technical aspect
of the game, or any other form of chatter. Be sure you read HELP CE before
using this channel.

QUEST is used for the discussion of any quests that are currently being run.

** DEVELOP and QUEST can only be used when a god has them activated.

The POLITICS channel is for political discussions, and is strictly
monitored and limited. See Help POLITICS

SHOUT Causes your character to scream something out, at the cost of a few
movement points. Naturally, the farther away people are from the source
of the shout the harder it will be for them to hear it. When you shout
something, it may not indicate that you are the shouter, depending on the
location of the listener. Other players would see for example

         'Someone shouts, GO BACK THERE ARE BALROGS!'

DRAGON When off, will show you only people landing and departing instead of
telling you that they are flying closer, changing directions, or flying
farther away from you.

LISTEN toggles whether you see the text for 3D sounds. These are not actual
wav sounds like in SETSOUND but indications of movement and happenings
around you. LISTEN works in ADVERSARY the WILDERNESS or any zone created
by the 3dZoneMaker module. Sounds are heard roughly every three seconds and
listed sorted by distance. Louder sounds will drown out softer sounds while
taking into effect distance and your current BREATH Sounds are shown
listing distance, type, and direction. Each sound has an easy to recognize
<<< marker in color so you can quickly judge distance.

Red     <<< Adjacent   1 away
Magenta <<< Close      2 away
Yellow  <<< Nearby     3-4 away
Green   <<< Not Far    5-7 away
Cyan    <<< Far        8-11 away
Blue    <<< Far off    12-19 away
Blue    <<< Distant    20-39 away
Blue    <<< Miles      40-79 away
Blue    <<< Horizon    farther away

The LEGEND channel is for players who are members of large BLOODLINES

SETCOMM SOCIAL allows you to toggle whether you see SOCIALS or POSES

SETCOMM allows you to turn on/off each of the channels.

WARNING: Profanity is not allowed on public channels! See HELP CURSING