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Lists the people currently in the game. You may specify any of the following
options in order to streamline the listing. All of the options, with the
exception of -n and dp, may be combined in any order to get as specific as you
would like.

    who                    lists all players currently in the game.
    who -a                 lists all avatars currently in the game.
    who -b                 lists all people with blood on their hands.
    who 10-30              lists all players of levels 10 to 30.
    who -n <name>          will tell you if that character is online.
    who 5+                 lists all players level 5 and up.
    who 10-                lists all players 10 and under.
    who -z                 lists all players in your zone.
    who -m                 lists all male characters.
    who -f                 lists all female characters.
    who -v                 lists all players currently in Adversary.
    who -e                 lists all enclave members
    who -<class>           lists all players of that class.
                               <class> can be: mage, cleric, thief or warrior
    who -l                 lists all LEGENDS online.
    who dp                 lists top 20% of dragon hunters currently online.
    who mh                 lists top 20% of master heroes online.
    who sh                 lists top 20% of serpent hunters online.
    who -listen            (god only) lists all players with LISTEN on.
    who -clan=<clan #>     lists only players in the specified clan. You may
                           use this tag multiple times for more than one clan.


    who -z -b 25+          lists all the players in your zone with blood and
                               which are level 25 or greater.
    who -v -m -thief       lists all the players in Adversary who are male
                               and current class thief.

Note: Using the command "who -z" shortly after logging in will result in
your character being transported to the City of Medievia. This does not
apply if you are in your clanhall, gohome or within the cities of Medievia
or Trellor.