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The first thing the child should know and do is to change the password for
the character. The parent created the character and therefore, he or she
knows the password. Changing it will erase any possibility of the parent
blocking the child from logging on.

The Child's Incentive:
You will have a father or a mother to help you overcome many of the
difficulties Medievia will throw your way. Hopefully your parent will send
you money if you need it, send you equipment, help you with tons of
priceless advice and also be your new friend.

Your stats--Intelligence, Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity and Strength--
are one higher than those of a new character who is not a bloodline child.

The bloodline command can also be used to talk to everyone online from the
same Bloodline.

    bloodline say <message>
    bl <message>

    bloodline say Hello everyone from my bloodline!
    bl Hello everyone from my bloodline!

People in the same bloodline can also telepath each other.

NOTE It is a good idea to change your password as soon as you receive
      your character, or change it when you reach level 12. This prevents
      the parent from taking the child-character back at any time.